Over the summer I worked once again with Dyann Glenn- designer to some of Northern Virginia’s most celebrated homes. In this project, the couple wanted to turn this room off the patio into a multifunctional kitchen -ideal for hosting pool parties and simply enjoying the view outside.


Once beautiful cabinetry was built, a lovely shade of green painted, and earthy granite counters put in place- there was only one thing left to do…. need I point it out?!…


Fortunately, it’s like I’ve always said, ‘You can pretty much paint anything!’… so in this case a special epoxy paint was applied to the original painted brick.


The colors needed to be varied- much like in real brick- and the brighter grout gave the floor a certain sparkle. Notice how the first step into the room was painted to match the rest of the real brick.


The end result was a beautiful and durable floor that gave the room even more of an outdoor patio feel.