What better way to celebrate Leap Day than with a blog post- I know, it only FEELS like I update my blog every four years… I’m trying to get better though, I promise!


This dining room project was for a brand new home. I love getting started in an empty house… the ultimate blank canvas!


A few photos for inspiration and a rough sketch was all I needed to get started.


And as usual, I don’t waste much time drawing out the details- I just like to start slappin’ on the paint!


The first day was spent mostly blocking in the water, sky, and rolling hills.


The sides were a little tricky- creating an ending point for the bridge while keeping the scene in the proper perspective. Greenery often helps achieve this easily enough.


Next I had to focus on the details of the bridge.


Greenery in the foreground added to the dimensions of the vista and really gave the scenery some pop.


Lastly I added some splashes of color with flowers and rounded out the composition with some tree branches to draw your eye toward the center.


After three days, the beautiful dining room was complete….anxiously awaiting the furniture.