Perhaps it’s the onset of winter… or maybe the new Twilight saga coming to theatres… either way, I’m inspired to show this room.


As with every beginning, it started out as a few lines. The blue tape shows the area that will covered by the bed. The bed took up a sizeable space on the wall, so I had to be careful that the mural wouldn’t be covered up.


One of my favorite features about this design was the addition of the life-sized birch trees that seemed to grow out of the floor and right through the ceiling.


When painting with a more realistic slant, I often use pictures I find in books and online to help me paint more true-to-life.


What I especially love about this mural is how the scene conveyed this snowy wilderness habitat, and yet, the overall color scheme for the room was very warm- with buttery yellows and rusty browns throughout.


Another thing I really like about this room is that it demonstrates how you can paint a scene in a room without re-painting an entire room. Rather than creating a literal division of sky and earth, the background and foreground simply emerge from the same color.


The final result is warm and wintry… and WILD….like something from a wilderness lodge!


And yes, all the wolves were given names.