Home Accents and Landscapes

I love painting landscapes and natural scenes. In fact, murals were born out of this concept to create space and a vantage point that isn’t really there. For your home, a distant landscape can create the illusion of a far off horizon and actually make a space appear bigger. And natural scenes use color palettes that go with seemingly everything else in your home- wood, marble, tile and fabrics. Of course, if your thing is less traditional, colorful abstract accents might be the way to go. A dynamic accent wall might be just the thing you need for more ‘techie’ spaces like home theatres, offices and game rooms.

“Foyer is fantastic! My friend owns her own decorating business and loved it! Would not leave without your information. She said design & painting were amazing and brilliant. She had to touch it, like she did not think it was painted!”

Cindy - Alexandria, VA

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