Aye Matey! There comes a day when every child decides their room is too ‘baby’ for them. And so is the story of this once ‘Baby Aviator’ themed nursery now turned sailor of the high seas! Inspired by the Pottery Barn bedding, this room really adds color and flare while making good use of the space available.



Like most projects, I don’t tend to spend much time drawing out the design. I think just slapping down color is the way to go! Covering the yellow with various shades of blue immediately gave the sense of an ocean and a horizon line.

working_pirate_room_mural (1)

The last part of this scene by the bed was to add posts to make the bed seem like a boat tied up a the dock.

working_pirate_room_mural (2)

The final result was fantastic!



… but wait- there’s more…

The client decided to go ahead and include the bathroom with the theme. But this time, I wanted to make it appear as though you were inside the ship, so I started in with dark browns to give the illusion of wooden planks that would have comprised on old pirate ship.


And yes, it was a bit nerve-racking taking a perfectly pristine white wall and adding the harsh dark tones!.. but the result was engaging and so much fun!



Lastly, the space opposite the toilet allowed just enough room to paint this barrel and treasure map. I mean, what’s a pirate without a treasure map?!