People always tell me they like reading blog posts that show the transformation process from beginning to end. Well, I have to say, this is one of the more extreme ‘Before & After’ projects I can think of in recent memory.

Well…..this was the blank canvas I had to work with for a new restaurant opening in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, VA.

With nothing but painted white brick staring me in the face, at least my mission was clear: make this into the neighborhood hot spot! Transform this area into a festive beer garden feel. After all, this is the sister location of Tyson’s Biergarten!

With images of Bavaria, Germany as my inspiration,  I got to work designing the various areas. For the main focal point, I decided to paint a picturesque mountain town.

Meanwhile, the stark white stairwell was getting a facelift. Because this area can’t be viewed from a distance like some of the other walls, I decided to go with a faux stone treatment with abundant greenery- something that says ‘garden’ the minute you step outside.

Oh yeah, did I mention they added a second refrigerator unit as well as a storage shed? Those too, were going to get a little Deutschland dazzle!

Pretty soon, the area was brimming with color. The blue paint seemed to match the sky perfectly on some days, and the green tones were bright and cheerful.

Once the painting was complete- picnic tables, umbrellas and flower boxes were added to create the perfect atmosphere!

So if you’re ever in the Del Ray neighborhood, stop by Hops n’ Shine on Mt. Vernon Avenue for some great beer and bites!… and tell them Amy sent you!